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The Miniature Garden Society | Home for the discerning miniature gardener.

The Evolution of the Miniature Garden

Frustrated by What You See on the Internet?

Frustrated by articles on miniature and fairy gardening that say the same thing over and over – or nothing at all? Disappointed by information written by people who don’t know what they are talking about? Tired of seeing the same projects all the time? What about articles with no pictures to show what they are talking about? That means they only regurgitated the info from someone else. What about waiting for links to nowhere? Yep, we’re getting frustrated too.

With so much going on with the Internet these days, we are finding websites, growers and sellers that are recommending difficult plants to grow, plants that grow way too fast, accessories that will disintegrate and/or fade within a month and planting methods that will end up a big old mess quite quickly. If you are familiar with our work over the last 15 years, you know that we care about YOU first, then the miniature garden. We don’t set you up for just for a sale, our mission is to enable and empower you to be a successful miniature gardener because that’s where the joy of miniature gardening is!

Tired of Buying the Wrong Plants?

We’re seeing a TON of different websites offer plants for miniature gardening that we know simply will not work out well for you. Unfortunately most businesses are just into selling you a plant and don’t care what happens after it leaves the store. We’re different.

We’ve bought and tested hundreds of suggested plants throughout the past 15 years. We’ve even had experienced growers, gardeners and nurseries recommend plants that were so wrong for our miniature gardens, it has become a personal mission of ours to find plants that won’t set you up for failure.

We will assist you in finding the right plants for your purpose, your region and/or your project with an accumulated database we’ve been working on for over a decade. It’s a database built by us, practicing miniature gardening full-time for over 15 years now. We know what details you need so you can have a much better – and faster – start to your miniature gardening.

Discouraged by Garden Miniatures that Don’t Last?

We are like you and care about the environment. And we’re thrifty, just like you, and we don’t care to see things that go to waste quickly, without getting much enjoyment from them. We’ve been testing ways to help get the most out of what we have. We plan on helping you reduce, renew and recycle what you’ve already bought to save you money and save the items from being tossed into the landfill. There are fun and clever ways to get more out of what you already have and we can’t wait to show you!

Find the Internet Draining Sometimes?

We would love to be your Internet filter. We’ll collect all the quality, interesting things that are happening around the Internet in the miniature and fairy garden world and deliver them to you so you don’t have to swim through an endless stream of drivel to find out if it is valid or what is new. You will only have to log into your favorite site, The Miniature Garden Society, (link to come!) to find a wealth of ideas to feed your mind and your soul.


The Miniature Garden Society
is a safe place to grow and connect
with other like-minded miniature gardeners!


It’s Everything Miniature Garden and More!


Included with your Miniature Garden Society membership:

1 – Entrance into the exclusive membership site where you can:

– Enjoy an extensive miniature garden database for all regions & climates
– Create new and unusual how-to’s and diys
– Connect directly with other like-minded miniature gardeners
– Know when to do what in your miniature garden, we’ll keep you current
– Take your passion to different places and spaces
– Explore what other professionals are doing
– Learn from each other and grow together

2 – 15% off anything in the TwoGreenThumbs.com online store or our handmade Etsy store, anytime.

3 – “In Person” shopping with Janit via video chat.

4 – Create your own version of our miniature garden kits.

5 – Look over my shoulder. Learn how I come up with my creative ideas.

6 – The ability to print any of our digital ebook PDFs for your personal use.

7 – Propose projects for Janit to investigate and figure out for you.

8 – We’ll be your Internet filter.

9 – Entrance into a secret Facebook group.

10 – Monthly email so you can keep up to date.

PLUS whatever else we can think of to make it a great website: Behind the scene peeks, interviews with other professionals, workshop information, display ideas, marketing materials, garden renovations, in-ground installation techniques and much much more!

More Details on What’s Included:

1. Entry into Your New Private Website
We’ll build a site where we can keep our ideas for when you need them and access them at any time. Plant & miniature databases, libraries, craft collections, diys and how-tos and just about everything we do, and will do, we’ll keep in this website. It will be password protected and a safe, ad-free, clutter-free place to enjoy your hobby.

2. Standing Member Discount
With your membership to the Miniature Garden Society, you’ll receive 15% off any order from the TwoGreenThumbs.com store anytime you shop. The monthly coupon code will be available to you to use whenever you are ready for it. It’s a great way to recoup the cost of the membership right away!

3. “Personal” Shopping with Janit
We’ll set up a convenient time for us to connect using any of the popular video chats available today. Need help figuring out what your next project is? Need help selecting the right plants? Let’s video-chat via Skype or Google Hangout and we will show you everything before you buy, up close and personal, and we can make sure you have everything you need too. This is great for gift-giving ideas too. (Minimum order applies.)

4. Simplify Your Shopping
Create your own version of one of our miniature garden kits. By using one of our kits as a template, you tell us what you want to switch out or include and we will customize it for you! You choose the plants, the patio material, the accessories – or we can help you too. And hey, if we like your combo, we’ll include it in our regular inventory and name it after you! This ideas also makes a great gift for that special person in your life.

5. Maximize Your Learning
We will have “Look Over My Shoulder” sessions where you can learn how we come up with our creative ideas. You’ll get to know our process and you’ll be able to apply it to your own work and start coming up with your own great ideas.

6. Permission to Print
You’ll get the ability to print any of our digital ebook PDFs. No, we don’t normally allow the option to print any of our PDFs because some people were printing and selling copies at their stores. But you will be able to get any of our PDFs as printable books that you can print out at home for your personal use upon request!

7. Build Your Idea
Propose projects for Janit to research, investigate and complete. Got a project that you’ve always wanted to try but don’t know how to start? We’ll have a rotating “You Vote” section where you can propose and vote for your favorite idea and we’ll make it happen for you.

8. Prioritize with Only the Good Stuff
We’ll be your Internet filter. We’ll sift through the Internet and bring you only the best of the best so you don’t have to work through the repetitive drivel of the Internet.

9. Re-Organized for Easy Access.
All the information across our multiple websites are accumulated here, organized and categorized for easy reference.

10. Once-a-Month Updates
Once we get the ball rolling, we’ll send you a monthly email as a friendly reminder so you can keep up to date, know what to-dos are coming up and find out what’s new on the member website.



Did you love the Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World book? It’s the bestselling and most comprehensive book on this fabulous hobby. Written by Janit Calvo who is absolutely jazzed on everything miniature, loves gardening and can explain the most complicated things in simple ways. Janit is the world-renown miniature gardener, founder of the miniature garden movement and the entrepreneur behind TwoGreenThumbs.com, the world’s most-favorite miniature garden center. She’s the one the industry looks to for direction, insight and ideas – and many of her ideas have made their way into the mainstream. Janit has been working in this new pastime, full-time since 2001 which puts her far, far ahead of anyone else in the hobby.

Janit has what she calls “chapter extensions” from the Gardening in Miniature book that she is getting together for this website! You will go beyond the book’s pages, dig deeper into each chapter of the book because there was a lot of information and ideas that was left on the editing room floor once the book was published!

Other websites dedicated to Janit’s work:

Her Handmade Etsy store: for one-of-a-kind and unusual miniatures for the garden, since 2008: http://www.Etsy.com/shop/Janit

Her blog, since 2006, the only blog consistently posting on the miniature garden hobby: http://www.minigardener.wordpress.com

Her main Miniature Garden Center, selling the plants, parts and pieces online since 2004: http://www.Shop.TwoGreenThumbs.com

And social media, where Janit has infiltrated all the major platforms:
– Facebook under Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center
– Twitter under @TwoGreenThumbs, @JanitC, @GardeningInMiniature, @JanitCalvo
– Instagram under @theminigardener
– YouTube under Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center
… just to mention a few. Whew!

BUT don’t take our word for it, here’s what a few people have said about our other work:

Thank you so much. I love how personal your approach is!  You are rare, indeed!! – Joan H.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your newsletter!!  I look forward to your newsletter so much, & seeing what new item(s) you’re going to come up with to share.  Please continue.  – Ruth H.

Love it. Finally had time to go through the whole thing. really enjoyed it. lots of helpful hints and really enjoyed looking at the contest picture winners, and reading all the blogs. Keep it up please. – Lynn A.

OMG, I am thrilled with this newsletter, very impressive!  Thank you so much! – Liz W.

*Squee!* My miniature garden kit is being prepared! I received a response regarding my order from Janit Calvo herself. This lady is amazing! She runs an online business, tends her many gardens and shares her craft with the world via workshops, demonstrations and a blog – and she has the time to respond to little ol’ me to ensure the plants will survive my climate and growing conditions. What great customer service! Thank you! Your passion is inspiring and infectious! – Angela S.

Steve, (Janit’s hubby) you still continue to amaze me with the way you take such care with my orders. Everything arrived in perfect condition again. The Baldwin Hinoki is breathtaking! Thanks again for being so good to me. Your #1 fan, Laney R.

Hi Janit, I wanted to thank you for the mini garden gazette. Really enjoy the articles and ideas. I am especially thankful for all of the tips you give on growing the mini plants. I am unfamiliar with many of them, and not sure of their proper care. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Thanks again. Sincerely, Camille, West Va.

I enjoy your Mini Garden Gazette more than words can describe. Erika W., CA



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